Poet. Teacher. Freelance Writer.

Carrie Meadows

Poet, teacher, freelance writer


Poetry chapbook

Set in the 1980s, Slingshot Catapult follows two professional wrestlers through the rise and fall of love and career in an unforgiving sport.


"Poems from Carrie Meadows that peak behind the curtain of the small-time wrestling world, creating an intimate, loving, and tragic portrait of the characters who call it home."

—Robyn Campbell, Semiperfect Press

"Through Dodge and Tracy we witness the limbs and bodies bouncing off each other, or else caught and paralyzed...there is nothing fictional about the force and bodily strain endured by the performer. The experience becomes in part a pursuit for where the truth of these events lie, both in the ring and in the motions of the real world."

—Mike Shattuck, Lines + Stars

Full-length poetry collection

"In this book, the corporeal and the divine cohabitate with each other, intermingling with violence, poverty, race, and the landscape of the American South in all its history, glory, complexities, and shame."

Erika Meitner

"Between the ideas of "Why I Go to Church" and "Leaving the Church" is a "God Sent the [shot] Gun" shattering of spiritual paint and paint cans. Meadows wanders with and without aim into the lives of the self-taught artists and teaches each of us, carefully, like a Southern quilt-maker, grandmother teaching quilt-stitches to sing."

Earl Edward S. Braggs

"In Speak, My Tongue Carrie Meadows gives voice to the last vestiges of Old Weird America that still live and breathe in the South, an America of Bible thumping, speaking in tongues, outsider artists who paint their revelations on street corners and church walls. This is a land of men with fists like hammers, women who turn to Jesus, and children who see it all. Is it heaven or the end of the world? Hard to tell, but you could ask the angels in the cornfield. They have a gospel to declare as does Meadows in this incandescent collection."

Barbara Hamby

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Professional Portfolio

Research, writing, concept, layout

I've worked independently and on creative teams to develop copy and materials for a branding agency, four international bicycle brands, a heavy equipment manufacturer, and a U.S. Department of State design-build construction contractor.

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Craft essays, software tutorials, curricula

I have over a decade of experience designing college courses in creative, professional, and academic writing.

I also founded, directed, and developed curricula for elementary school art + robotics and art + literacy programs.

K-12, higher ed, construction

I've directed STEAM and literacy programs for elementary school students, and I've secured grants to support them. I've also worked on an international proposal team for a U.S. Department of State construction contractor.


I regularly write grant proposals for my own research projects and for K-12 computer science initiatives.

*I'm unable to share example nonprofit proposals because they include sensitive financial information.


*I'm not authorized to share proposals submitted to the Department of State.


Carrie Meadows

Poet, teacher, freelance writer

I teach creative and professional writing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

I've published Speak, My Tongue, a full-length poetry collection, and the chapbook Slingshot Catapult. My individual poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, North American Review, The Common: Dispatches, and other publications.


My publication credits include fiction in Whitefish Review and Fifth Wednesday Journal, and hypertext in New River Journal and CElla's Roundtrip.

photo by John McDonald

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