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Instructional Design

Book Project
Design Cookbook Cover.jpg
Book Concept & Design Project

Professional writing and design

I led my senior-level Design for Writers Workshop students through the concept, design, copywriting, copyediting, and production phases of this collaborative book project.

I served as editor of the final product, managing all copy and graphic content for a consistent aesthetic and voice.

Craft Essays
Creative Writing Craft Essays

Creative writing

I develop my own craft handbooks and reading lists for courses focused on poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction writing.

I regularly study articles and books to keep my craft essays reflective of current trends in creative writing publishing and pedagogy.

Excerpt_CNF_ A Brief Guide to Craft.jpg
Copyright Guide
Legal and Ethical Considerations-Web.jpg
Copyright Guide

Professional writing

I develop a number of quick-reference guides like this overview of copyright and trademark rules for commercial projects.

These documents introduce my professional writing students to important topics related to design and writing for professional contexts.

Typography Tips
Typography Tips

Professional writing

I'm a fan of graphic designer Ellen Lupton and her philosophies on the convergence of image and text in contemporary communication.


Just as Lupton teaches graphic designers effective writing strategies, I teach professional writing students basic typography and design principles.

Basic Typography.jpg
Software Tutorials
WeVideo Tutorial-SP17.jpg
Software Tutorials

Professional writing

Professional writing students leave my course with experience writing for a variety of print and digital contexts.


I believe in the importance of practical, hands-on learning, which is why my students learn to create videos, HTML emails, social media campaigns, posters, and more using a variety of in-browser applications

I create step-by-step tutorials like this one to introduce students to new applications and help them troubleshoot technical problems.

Art + Literacy Curriculum

K-8 art and literacy

Inspired by Kenneth Koch's creative writing classes in Manhattan public schools, I founded and directed the Story Creators after school art + literacy program. 


I targeted schools serving low income students and developed curricula for programs ranging from three to 10 weeks. Ultimately, I worked to inspire elementary and middle school students to express themselves through painting, drawing, and creative writing.

I designed this curriculum for a 10-week program in three elementary schools and one middle school. Students worked together to write and illustrate a storybook.

SC Curriculum Outline and Resources-SP15
Art and Lit Curriculum
STEAM Curriculum
Artbotics Teacher Planning Packet.jpg
STEAM Curriculum

K-8 art and robotics

I worked with Tennessee Valley Authority to develop and implement an integrated arts and robotics curriculum for public school students in grades 4 and 8. 

The program, inspired by the Artbotics program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, taught students to create and animate a self portrait using one of three portrait styles, LEGO NXT robots, and LEGO Mindstorms software.

In addition to developing this curriculum, I directed after school programs at three elementary schools and one middle school. 

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